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Satcommobil is your one stop shop for all your satellite communication needs. Whether you need voice or data, telephone or internet access, Satcommobil can provide the right satellite phone or satellite internet products for the job. 

Satcommobil is the leading supplier of all brands of satellite telephones, including the Iridium satellite phone, Globalstar, the IsatPhone from Inmarsat and the Thuraya products. We are also the lowest cost option for all satellite phone rental and BGAN satellite internet rentals.

Our Services and Solutions

Satcommobil offers a broad range of satellite phone service and satellite phones including Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya and Inmarsat. We also provide data solutions with HughesNet and VSAT, as well as portable satellite internet access and SCADA using Inmarsat's BGAN services.

The satellite telephone services and communications equipment offered by Satcommobil were carefully chosen for reliability, user friendly operation and durability. Please contact us at 1-888-636-0707 to discuss your satellite communications needs.

Satellite Phones
  • Enhanced SMS & Email
  • Integrated Speakerphone
  • Headset and Hands-Free
  • Internal Antenna
  • Mini-USB Data Port
  • Water & Shock Resistant
Iridium Satellite
  • Text - 160 Characters
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Hold & Waiting
  • Hands-Free Unit
  • Slim Battery Pack
  • 42 Hour Standby
SPOT II Tracker
  • Alert 911 Button
  • Check-In Button
  • Ask for Help Button
  • 99.4% Satellite Reliability
  • 48 Satellite Constellation
  • Waterproof

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Latest News

The Isat Phone Pro is on its way, scheduled for release in the June, 2010 timeframe.
Globalstar, LLC has announced that they are recalling all new SPOT 2 trackers. The product works, but has an anomally related to the indicator lights.
We have no official word yet, but the buzz on the street is that Iridum is working on a new version of their just released Iridium 9555. One...